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Back to the roots

Everything begins at the source. In our view, there is a direct line from the grower in the fields to the diners in the restaurant. We buy at the source and regard our suppliers as our partners, and that’s how we see our customers too. We believe in shared supply chain responsibility and aim for long-term relationships with our suppliers, continuing alliances that guarantee quality and improving it where necessary. Each ingredient has its own natural area of cultivation and we interfere with that as little as possible.

For our most important product, garlic, this means that we work with growers in China (Shandong district), Spain (Castile, La Mancha) and even the Netherlands (the Beemster region). Every region has its own characteristics and accordingly supplies its own variety of garlic product. We wouldn’t be the garlic specialist if we couldn’t supply all of them.  We put just as much effort into our quest for the best regions and the best suppliers for our other ingredients too, whether it is pot herbs (Provence, France), the basil for our pestoes (Veneto, Italy), sun-dried tomatoes (Izmir, Turkey) or olives (Greece). Our quest is only at its end when we reach the place where it all begins: the source. 

Obviously, our suppliers must meet the most stringent standards in respect of food safety, environmental aspects and working conditions. We regularly visit our suppliers and conduct careful inspections of incoming ingredients. Our customers must be able to rely on our products, so we make sure they can.