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Bistro 't Schippersrijk Uitgeest

Bistro 't Schippersrijk

Bistro ’t Schippersrijk in Uitgeest can accommodate 120 diners inside and in the summer there is room for another 60 diners on the terrace. The bistro has its own butcher’s department and the kitchen staff  prefer to work with local, organic and seasonal products; they love using Bresc’s chilled products.

How did you discover Bresc?

“I wasn’t actively looking for anything, but I discovered Bresc’s products about ten years ago. I always base our menus on products that add a little something, so I started experimenting with Bresc and I liked it – so much, in fact, that I started using more and more of their products. What they do really well, is produce authentic, distinctive flavours. Other suppliers’ products tend to be too salty or too concentrated. With Bresc’s stuff, it’s as if you’ve preserved the garlic puree yourself. The flavour is close to fresh and the quality is consistently good.”

Which products are your favourites?

“I use the garlic and shallot purees very often. They’re easy to use in dishes, the flavour is good, and our kitchen machines don’t get smelly.”

What does Bresc bring to your kitchen?

“I find that the products are a good basis for more “flavour development” and more refinement. Take their harissa, for instance, which has a great, slightly zesty taste. We combine it with our own Hollandaise sauce to make a piquant cocktail sauce – perfect for surf-and-turf. And the Piri-piri, with the addition of some shallot and garlic puree, produces a wonderful creole effect with prawns. I always try to play around with Bresc. Their Thai curry is perfectly seasoned: l like to use it to make Thai soup by adding chicken and coconut cream. Then there’s the Parrillada aio e lemone: I just add a dash of it to mayonnaise for a tasty dip. I even give a twist to products I wouldn’t normally choose to work with. I think rubs spoil the flavour of the meat that’s been maturing in our butcher’s department – it upsets the balance, but I make a scrumptious dressing to go with our Peking duck croquettes with Bresc’s soy and black garlic rub.

Why use chilled products?

“It is practical, because it saves a lot of time. We only have a small kitchen and we have to squeeze five people into it. We adapt our menu to accommodate for the space in the kitchen too and chilled products help. Moreover, the big advantage is that I can easily buy them in small quantities, because I can order six days a week. I work according to the first-in-first-out-principle and because I never have to open large pots I don’t waste much.”

Is there anything missing from the range?

“A Café de Paris butter for our tournedos. I make it myself at the moment, adding a few of Bresc’s products to it, and it’s a great success. It sells five times better than when it was on the menu with red wine sauce and Herbes de Provence, so it would be handy if I could order it ready-made. Speaking of herbs: an Herbes de Provence mix would be good too! I’d certainly buy it if Bresc had it in their range.”

Source: Foodbrigade