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Restaurant De Fuik - Aalst

Four years ago, Martin and Rosita Ruisaard took a huge step; after working here for eighteen months, they became the new proprietors of De Fuik in Aalst: Martin became the head chef and Rosita took charge of the front of the house. Hospitality! That’s where their priorities lie. According to Martin, it’s applies to the dishes too, perhaps even more than to the service. De Fuik offers guests a complete experience.

Head chef Martin refuses to be labelled. He loves to play with seasonal ingredients, to create dishes with a nod to classic French cuisine and to take a tip from large, international kitchens. The “menu du chef” changes every four to six weeks. In addition, they have already created a “signature dish” menu in just a short time, with real classics that make people want to visit again and again, such as: sautéed duck liver with a gravy of burned cinnamon, apricots and pata negra.

Because chef Martin wants to offer his guests diversity, he is always engaged in improving dishes and on a constant quest for innovative flavours. Bresc’s products contribute to that process. “Quality is more important than convenience. I use the products very subtly; I don’t want any one ingredient to dominate - the whole dish must be a balance of flavours. Bresc is a flavour supplement to my dishes and very handy in the kitchen”, Martin explains.

Hospitality is very important at De Fuik and consists of good interaction between top-quality products, good service and beautiful dishes. 

Restaurant de Fuik
Aalst (NL)