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JIM Exclusieve Catering Brielle

Founded in Brielle in 2004, Jim Exclusieve Catering is now a catering company that operates throughout the whole of the Netherlands. The caterer aims to bring a stylish setting, culinary quality and personal attention to every event. To illustrate: Jim supplies the catering for Armin van Buuren's security, for events like Awakenings, Summer Breeze Festival and Masters of Hardcore and for Pathé De Kuip cinema in Rotterdam. In addition to the catering operations, the company also runs a lunch-room in the centre of Brielle and a secondment firm. 

Chef Jim has been working with Bresc products for a number of years now, because these products provide optimal convenience for Jim Exclusieve Catering while keeping the flavours pure - just what Chef wants. 'Bresc products are wonderful to work with.' His favourite product is the tomato tapenade, but he also loves to use the pesto and the Thai Red Curry and Chef would certainly recommend the chopped garlic as a good quality product that is easy to use.  

The products are ideal to use as a good basis for his dishes. 'Bresc products offer you the chance to add your own identity to the dish!' says Chef Jim. He and his team are particularly enthusiastic about the products' authentic and fresh flavours. Bresc - the professional chef's assistant.

Jim Exclusieve Catering
Brielle (NL)