Bresc B.V.

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  • Ease of use
  • Constant quality

An update on Bresc’s labels

This year, we are reviewing the layout of the Bresc labels. We have decided to make a number of changes to the labels so we can boost our sales more effectively, ensure our products reinforce each other and instigate Bresc’s development into a good, solid brand whose presentation the public easily recognise (both online and on the shop shelf).

What changes will you see to the packaging of our chilled products

  • Bresc’s logo on the facing is the same on all the packaging;
  • We have changed the address details; these details are now positioned identically on all the packaging;
  • The declarations and information now stand out against a light background and are more legible;
  • Where possible, we have included references to, the inspiration platform for our users;
  • The facing is now easier to recognise, which will help buyers to pick the right product;
  • We have reviewed the way products are grouped: for instance, after the changes, all the layouts of 325g packaging match;
  • We have decided to use no more than 3 formats in future. 

All the new packaging will be on display in the glass case at Bresc’s stand at Horecava 2020. We hope to welcome you there!