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Bresc introduces Premium Basil Pesto (450 g): fresh, sustainable, convenient and delicious

Initially, we had to delay the introduction due to the coronavirus and subsequent closing of the hospitality industry, but at last Bresc’s latest product is now available from wholesalers: our Premium Basil Pesto, a sustainably produced alternative to homemade pesto, with a flavour sensation to rival any fresh versions.

An optimal flavour sensation is fundamental
We believe that an optimal flavour sensation is fundamental, so we create and design our products aiming to preserve their fresh aromas and consistent quality. This too, was our aim when we created our Premium Basil Pesto.

Gijs Vermeulen, Bresc’s culinary product developer, spent years working as a head chef and is therefore more aware than most of the huge need for a good alternative to fresh pesto. “It was very hard to create a continuous flow between quality, price and shelf life. Basil doesn’t keep for long and soon loses its fresh aromas – and of course the aromas are exactly what a head chef needs. Eventually, we managed to grow fresh basil with consistent quality all year round by using crops from a vertical farm.

Convenience, too, is another important part of our Premium Basil Pesto. This pesto is available in 450-gram jars and has a storage life of at least eleven weeks. The pesto can be used in both hot and cold dishes, as heat does not damage the aroma particles and leaves the lovely green colour and fresh taste intact too. And, because it’s a ready-made pesto, you don’t need knives or blenders for it. So, to sum up: head chefs can rely on a stable, tasty product with any extra work.

Sustainable production
The basil plants are grown and harvested on a vertical farm, which means that the production of this basil is sustainable. Vertical farming is a type of agriculture that grows the crops in stacked layers. Instead of growing the basil in greenhouses that take up vast fields, these greenhouses are built like tall towers, reducing the ecological footprint. As a result, we do not need to import basil from different countries at different times of the year. Moreover, vertical farms use solar power and, because the basil is grown in the Netherlands, it travels fewer food miles. This system is hygienic too, requiring very little use of pesticides.

The best alternative to fresh pesto
Bresc is on a quest to find replacements for fresh products with flavours that are even better than the fresh versions and our Premium Basil Pesto is the first of these solutions. Obviously, it is made from first-rate, top-quality ingredients. We are proud to present this new pesto as the best alternative to fresh pesto; it will save head chefs a lot of work while keeping its great flavour sensation.