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Ethnic inspiration by Bresc

Nowadays, (home) cooking is not limited to national borders and indeed travels far beyond them. The whole world is a source of inspiration. In recent years, the demand for ethnic cuisine has risen drastically, as is evident from the popularity of Thai, Japanese, Tex Mex and Peruvian food. Local dishes are translated into international concepts.

One of the more well-known trends has been around for a while: Indonesian cuisine. Although the trend can be traced back to the Chinese-Indonesian takeaway restaurants in the Netherlands, where the credo was “more for less”, much has changed over the past few years, and now authentic Indonesian cooking is widely respected and appreciated. Bresc has responded to this trend by introducing three new compounds: nasi goreng, no-babi ketjap and rendang. The products – clean label right from the start – are authentic, culinary compounds that customers in the food industry find easy to use. 

Replacing animal protein (meat) with vegetable alternatives with in traditional, well-known dishes such as babi ketjap and rendang has huge consequences for their composition, particularly for the use of herbs and spices. Generally speaking, animal protein has more flavour of its own, from the meat juices that are released, giving more flavour to the overall dish. This does not apply to plant-based protein. Moreover, those products have less taste of “their own”, which means they depend entirely on the added herbs and spices. As a result, you always need to use more herbs and spices in a vegetarian dish than its meat counterpart. 

However, Bresc’s chilled herbs are a great help. We often work with fresh herbs in our compounds, and that has an immediate flavour impact on the product. Using fresh herbs also means that you need less salt and/or fewer stock granules. In addition, the taste of the fresh herbs gives an authentic flavour to the dishes, which is crucial for Indonesian cooking. 

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