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Five reasons to work with chilled, time-saving products right now

Now, more than ever before, we need efficiency in the kitchen. Today’s kitchens demand products of consistent quality and good use of staff time. Here are five reasons why you and your team will benefit from chilled, time-saving products right now.  

1) Cost control
Going for semi-finished products gives you control over your purchasing: you can buy exactly what you need in the kitchen, and their longer shelf-life means less waste and fewer unnecessary purchases. Moreover, mise-en-place staffing costs will drop, which, in turn, brings us to the second reason. 

2) More efficient use of kitchen staff
Recently, the kitchen has been under more and more pressure. Working in shifts demands more efficiency. You can reduce mise-en-place time straight away if you use semi-finished products, needing fewer of your kitchen staff for food preparation and leaving them more time to do valuable work at peak times. 

3) Minimal action for a maximum result
If you buy the right products and become accustomed to using them, you can work with staff who have relatively fewer qualifications. The basic flavours of our products are extremely reliable, so you only need to add your hotel’s signature. So, minimal action for a maximum result. 

4) Consistent quality, all year round
Stable quality is essential, and will keep your guests coming back for more. Bresc’s chilled products are the same high quality all year round, which is crucially important for maintaining a stable basis for your dishes’ flavours. 

5) The guest gets what he or she deserves (and more)!
Now, more than ever before, it’s important to look after your guests. After all, today’s guests focus on service, safety and quality. So it’s up to us to exceed our guests’ expectations (whenever we can). Stun your guests with new flavour combinations, which you can achieve with ease with these chilled global flavourings.