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Introducing the new products in our range!

At 2019 edition of the Horecava trade show, we proudly launched our six new products, which all have a wide range of applications. The new products include freshly chopped garlic, onion and shallot, updated versions of our green and black olive tapenades and our new smoked garlic puree. Each product has unique properties, making them perfect additions to our range of chilled garlic and herb products.

Find out more about our new products:

- The new series Freshly Chopped: Freshly chopped shallot, Freshly chopped onion and Freshly chopped Spanish garlic. Unique, freshly chopped products in oil.
-  Smoked Garlic Puree of course, no kitchen should be without our Smoked garlic, or any of the other unique garlic products from our range Produits Culinaires. This puree adds a delicious smoky flavour to sauces, soups and countless hot and cold dishes.
- Ready-to-use tapenades made with Greek olives; Greek olive tapenades with Kalamata and Halkidiki olives. For example, you can use the Freshly chopped series to make tartare of beetroot and aubergine! Or mix a small amount of Smoked garlic puree into your mayonnaise.

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