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New labels sweet-and-sour cherry tomatoes

Our company continuously works to improve the range and distinctiveness to make our brand stronger. Earlier, we changed a number of our labels as part of these improvements; the exception was our sweet-and-sour cherry tomatoes. This letter is to notify you of the new layout for those cherry tomatoes.

- Art. no. 675165 - Sweet-and-sour cherry tomatoes garlic parsley - 1100g
- Art. no. 675160 - Sweet-and-sour cherry tomatoes garlic lemongrass - 1100g

The new layout of these products means we have achieved the following:

  • Bresc’s logo on the facing is the same on all the packaging, so customers can recognise our products even more easily;
  • The product name immediately reveals the nature of the product (marinated cherry tomatoes);
  • The subtitles in different colours make it easy to distinguish the flavours;
  • Reference to, the inspiration platform with over 500 recipes for our customers;
  • Ready-to-use description;
  • Bresc’s new address is printed on the label.

Former labels (before 31-12-2020)                             New labels (as from 1-1-2021)

Sweet-and-sour cherry tomatoes
A traditional method of conservation and one of today’s hottest food trends: sweet ‘n’ sour pickles. Introducing our halved cherry tomatoes in sweet ‘n’ sour vinegar. The tomatoes have a firm bite, so they can be used for both hot and cold dishes.

Should you have any questions about the changes, or if you would like to receive more information about them, please get in touch with your contact.