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Herb melanges

Chimichurri herb mix 450g

Chimichurri herb mix 450g

Chimichurri herb mix 450g

Chimichurri is a spice mix that is traditionally used once the meat or fish has been cooked. To use it in the traditional way, spread it on a juicy steak. Commonly used in Argentine dishes. Its sour but tangy taste is the perfect complement to the rich flavour of succulent beef. This melange consists of green pepper, parsley, red pepper, wine vinegar and rosemary.


garlic 25%, parsley 19.5%, olive oil, sunflower oil, dried tomato, shallot, green chilli, red chilli, red wine vinegar, salt 2.2%, black olive (black olive, salt, acid (acetic acid)), thyme 1%, CELERY, rosemary 0.5%, pepper, dried red chilli, ground paprika, cumin, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), preservative (potassium sorbate)

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