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Restaurant Bellevue Willemstad

Restaurant Bellevue can be found at a prime location in the genuine fortification town Willemstad with a view of the harbor. Many elements from this cozy harbor can be seen in the nautical ambiance of the newly renovated restaurant. This isn’t just a restaurant but Bellevue has multiple salons and the basement has a wine bar. This makes Bellevue particularly suitable for all sorts of events and dinner parties, which they also provide on location. Head chef Ferry van Hamburg has been working at Bellevue for four years.

Ferry knows Bresc from past experience. ‘It’s a well-known product to me. The recognition is mainly in the quality, if a product isn’t good quality then I won’t buy it again. Bresc doesn’t disappoint’. Bellevue has an international cuisine and cooks various delicious dishes with seasonal products. The ‘à la carte’ menu is renewed approx. five times a year and adapted to the tastiest ingredients and the latest discoveries by chefs who are often in search of new products to experiment with.

Bresc’s products are frequently used for the experiments in Bellevue’s kitchen. Ferry: ‘The versatility of the products provides me many opportunities in various dishes. Also, in the bustle of the day, the convenience that Bresc provides is invaluable. If the quality of a product is good then I won’t pass up on it. Bresc’s products save time, which gives me more time to spend time thinking up new culinary dishes and uses.’

Clearly evident at Bellevue is the zeal to provide the guest with a culinary experience in an attractive ambiance. In doing so, Bellevue makes use of the best and freshest products. ‘Bresc complements this very well, we now have the option to choose chilled products. Beautiful products!’

Restaurant Bellevue
Willemstad (NL)