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Restaurant Ries eten en drinken - Den Bosch

Restaurant Ries has been situated in the cozy Kruisstraat in Den Bosch (NL) since March 2010. Head chef Richard Merks has ample experience in the culinary world and opened restaurant ‘Ries eten en drinken’ 7 years ago.

Ries cooks from the idea: attention for products, preferably regional and seasonal produce to serve his guests a pure and honest dish. To entice his mixed patronage as much as possible, Ries offers –besides an á la carte menu- surprise menus that are adapted to the patron’s specific wishes on the spot. This requires imagination, creativity but also flexibility from the chef.

The use of convenience products isn’t something Ries is accustomed to, thanks to his classical training. Therefore, he was pleasantly surprised by Bresc’s products. ‘It’s important that the product meets my standards, such as good quality and good flavor. Furthermore, I like to work with small quantities and the shelf life leads to little loss. I put my own mark on my dishes and these chilled products support me in doing so and therefore form an ideal base. I’m especially taken with the black garlic.’

Head chef Ries wants to offer his patrons a relaxing, exuberant evening. He wants to combine this with a certain culinary quality, but remain easy accessible. The cozy atmosphere in the restaurant and the chef’s motto in life ‘simplicity never becomes boring’, are benchmarks against which this quality and accessibility will be achieved.

‘Eating is an emotion, I take the best from various cuisines and work with the best products. I rather say ‘no’ to a patron than serve a dish I can’t fully support’, thus head chef Richard Merks.

Restaurant Ries eten en drinken
Den Bosch (NL)