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Restaurant Speulderbos Garderen

In 2012, Arvid Hubers was appointed executive chef of Restaurant Speulderbos in Garderen, which is part of the Bilderberg Group's Hotel Speulderbos. Before taking this job at the restaurant as the chef, he spent more than seven years working at various branches of the Bilderberg Group in several other positions.

The restaurant's guests include both business clients and private guests, so Chef has to accommodate for a very diverse range of tastes and preferences, from luxury dinners and front-of-house cooking to breakfast buffets, and all with an emphasis on social responsibility and healthy ingredients. Accordingly, the chef likes to use seasonal produce, which is in keeping with the Bilderberg Group's vision on sustainability. Restaurant Speulderbos – and all the other restaurants in the Group - has Green Key certification. The Green Key is the international quality control mark for companies in the leisure sector and on the meeting and congress location market; these companies' efforts to improve sustainability and corporate social responsibility must be both serious and measurable, with a visible focus on care for the environment within the company and for the nature and wildlife in their surroundings.

Chef changes the menu every six to eight weeks to offer refreshing new dishes to his guests. This relative frequency demands much culinary creativity and he finds inspiration in all sorts of things: magazines, trade fairs and dining at his colleagues' restaurants.

'Nowadays, guests want to see authentic dishes and recognisable products on the menu. It's all part of the dining experience: interaction and authenticity with a modern touch.' As a result, the restaurant's style features various international cuisines and front-of-house cooking.

Chef's attitude towards convenience is clear: 'It is convenient, but it should still meet the chef's standards'. Moreover, Chef Hubers likes to stress the importance of a product's taste and structure: it should be pure, genuine and honest, which is why, in his opinion, Bresc's chilled products are prime examples of convenience.

Restaurant Speulderbos 
Garderen (NL)