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Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam

In September 2012, the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam became part of Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, a group of 47 hotels in six countries that also operates three cruise ships on the Nile in Egypt. As well as its 440 rooms and various banqueting halls, the hotel also features three restaurants. 

Restaurant NADAR is an à la carte restaurant with Italian-styled dishes. In addition, there is the Sport and Media Bar, primarily offering classic, international dishes and grilled food, while the Patio restaurant has all the ingredients for an international breakfast. This latter restaurant is also a suitable location for welcoming large, international parties and travelling companies. 
On average, the kitchen prepares 1,000 meals every day for the various restaurants and banqueting halls. The dishes are generally very recognisable to suit the international tastes of the guests who expect the kitchen to serve familiar meals. The choice does not have to be spectacular, but easily recognisable and of more than averagely good quality.

For Chef, convenience essentially means ease-of-use while still meeting his standards and sticking to the budget. Chef tends to use convenience particularly for large parties because, specifically in these cases, time and money is short and labour cannot be charged on in special, higher priced covers. 
What is fresh, Chef asks out loud. Does that mean churning butter or making tomato purée yourself? Fresh milk is pasteurised too. Bresc's products are pure, preserved in a responsible fashion, have not undergone heating and do not have a long-term shelf life. The sensation and experience of freshness is partly an emotional matter. 

Chef is very happy with Bresc's products; they are very suitable for front cooking while saving time because they don't need to be marinated in advance or seasoned. 
Organic, fair-trade and sustainable products would very much in keeping with the hotel's assortment. This hotel was the first hotel in Europe to feature fair-trade hotel rooms. However, the balance between the right quality and the right price is very current. And that's one of the reasons why Chef is extremely pleased with Bresc's products and why he always looks forward to discovering what's new in Bresc's range. 

Steigenberger Airport Hotel 
Amsterdam (NL)