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Willem de Boer Food & Events Emmeloord

Willem de Boer Food & Events is a prominent Dutch party catering company which has been operating on the broad market for food and events since 1986. Housed in a modern, A1 location on the A6 motorway in Emmeloord, the caterer supplies a wide range of services to companies located throughout the Netherlands or at its own permanent event venue De Koningshof in Urk. In addition, its central location in Emmeloord also accommodates CuliCare Catering, a central production kitchen producing meals and meal components for the healthcare industry throughout the country. The chefs of both divisions work very well together, sharing all the trends in the culinary world that inspire the kitchen team. In 2012, a new steam-meal concept was launched on the market and meals are now sold in hospitals under the private label CuliSteam. The extremely fresh meal concept has many benefits compared with the current meal systems in the healthcare sector. An enthusiastic team of highly skilled people prepare food in the central kitchen using the most up-to-date cooking techniques. Supplying bespoke meals and the utmost quality are two of Willem de Boer Food & Events' particular strengths. 

Messrs. Schrijver and Stroo have observed a rising demand for regional and seasonal products and this demand is answered where possible by the company's Product Development Department. Moreover, this department gives classic dishes a fashionable and modern makeover, constantly creating innovative experiences to apply to buffet food and finger food. A healthy diet is becoming increasingly important in catering too and more attention is paid to the use of salt, fats and colourings. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a modern kitchen without any convenience products but at Willem de Boer Food & Events, convenience is not the finished product, only the basis. Furthermore, every convenience product has to meet the kitchen management's stringent requirements and according to Harry Schrijver and Erwin Stroo, Bresc's products meet them.  

Willem de Boer Food & Events 
Emmeloord (NL)